ÖKOTHERM® – Compact Biomass-Heating Systems

Die ÖKOTHERM® Complete solution for power ranges from 49 kW - 950 kW

The ÖKOTHERM® Compact biomass heating system has proven itself for over 30 years in use with stalk-type biomass.

The robust and high-quality design guarantees this premium product a long service life as well as a high heat output from the fuel used.

By choosing fuel from your region, you get an ecologically sustainable way of heating. The low emission values speak for their use and thus enjoy quick official approval processes.

Low operating costs due to low wear and tear and low susceptibility to faults due to few moving parts are further plus points for this compact system.

Ökotherm Biomasse Heizung


  • Furnace and boiler
  • Electronic control
  • Fully automatic fuel feed system, ignition and deashing
  • Flue gas cleaning systems


  • Poultry sheds
  • Industry and housing estates
  • Agriculture, glass houses, nurseries
  • Hotels, nursing homes, leisure centres, schools
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Public administration buildings
  • Eco villages
  • Biogas plants


  • Miscanthus: chips, briquettes or pellets
  • Any types of straw: loose, briquettes or pellets
  • Grain: low grade, waste or cleanings
  • Oil seed rape, rape cake
  • Pressed residues: coffee, grape, AD digestate etc.
  • Wood chips, wood pellets
  • Dried manures: chicken & horse litter
Ökotherm Biomasse Heizung

Your Benefits

  • Independent of any one particular fuel
  • No clinkering and slagging in the furnace chamber irrespective of the fuel
  • Optimal combustion behaviour
  • Low emission values
  • Fulfils European emission control regulations
  • Flue gas analysed using a lambda probe to automatically control the energy output
  • Pioneered in burning stem like fuels such as miscanthus, straw and grain for more than 30 years

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