ÖKOTHERM® – Combustion Technology

Cooperating with leading research institutes the optimisation of combustion quality based on the water-cooled burning recess has been consistently driven foreward for more than 20 years. With the aid of uncompromising practical experience it has been possible to develop a combustion system with the utmost flexibility, combustion quality and efficiency which reaches best emission values even in difficult combustion conditions.

This is why our biomass heating systems have an excellent reputation on the market with the registered trademark ÖKOTHERM®. Almost all of our customers would buy the product again!

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No sticking slag during combustion when burning stem-like biomass.

Since we make do without permeable grates and chamotted combustion chambers, ÖKOTHERM® systems can also be run on granular and dust-like biomass like cereal, grain fines, husks and rapeseeds.

To prevent the slag from sticking to the combustion chamber walls, ÖKOTHERM® has developed a special combustion technique. Ash is removed fully automatic into a large-dimensioned ash container.

The emission-guided control technology with integrated performance adaptation ÖKOTHERM® AM II ensures optimum combustion behaviour and above average exhaust-gas emissions at all performance levels. There is a user-operated easy-to-handle menu control with a digital operating terminal which excludes faulty operation and keeps you informed about the current system status.


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